Cookie Policy

Cookies on This Website

Work With XRs does not currently use cookies on this website.

To be honest, we’re not big cookie fans. Of the virtual ones, of course. Real cookies? Like the classic chocolate chip or Oreos dunked in milk? Yes, please. Fake cookies that 1) aren’t delicious and 2) invade your privacy? No thank you.

Our long-term aim is to be as cookie-free or cookie-lite as possible. In the future, we may wish to begin using cookies to support quality-of-life features like “remember me” and “keep me logged in”. If we do so, we will update this Cookie Policy and start using one of those pesky cookie acceptance pop-ups.

Cookies from Third Party Services

Instead of using a free analytics service that monetizes your personal data, we pay a monthly fee for Simple Analytics (GDPR compliant, no cookies, supports Do Not Track) to protect your privacy while collecting a few simple and useful data points like page views and device types. You can see what data is collected in a Simple Analytics live demo here.

We also utilize third-party services to host the website (Webflow), collect form data (Airtable), send and receive emails (Mailchimp and Gmail), respond to customer inquiries (Channel Talk), and push data between applications (Zapier, Slack, Google Sheets or Airtable).

The full extent of the use of cookies from those services when you interact with them through the use of our Services, such as this website, can be found within the individual Cookie Policies contained on each of their respective websites.

We are aware that Mailchimp does utilize tracking pixels in their emails to identify open rates, etc. We don’t feel great about this and are looking for alternatives that support the features that we require to efficiently operate our newsletter service.